Dienstag, 9. November 2010

Fast Sketch of a face

pencil on paper
This is the face of Öcalan. I saw a documentation about turkish politics and was doing a few sketches alongside. Note that the face consists of quite rough shading. Visible shading can enhance the look of a picture drastically.

pencil on paper

Lady in a long dress

pencil on paper

Montag, 8. November 2010

This happens...

when you try to paint like Francis Bacon and Caravaggio at one time. It`s up to you to decide which one should be the Italian and which one the English.

india ink on paper

Pleasure is the only intrinsic good!

At least this dude beliefs it. He seems to be a local member of the town hedonist club.....sorry, I`m kidding. This is just a very tiny ball pen drawing I scaled a bit bigger to scare readers of my blog not to become what he seems to be.


Illustrator - File drawn with my mouse. I never managed to use a graphics tablet. There`s all the time weird shit with lengths of lines going on. May be I`m to stupid for this.

Fast drawn Illustrator-File-Face

The best way to do it is to close or at least squint your eyes and try to draw what you remember. I think to draw like this should be based on a feeling rather than trying to remember a detail, color or light setting.

Montag, 11. Oktober 2010

Innocent looking boy - this face has a certain touch of honesty and daintiness, may be a kind of virginity? Well, some would call this "touch of youth".

Faces of two blacks

Mittwoch, 25. August 2010

"small ink tree" - blown by my breath

Sick of drawing? Looking for some inspiration? What about doing a new experiment. Blob a drop of ink on a sheet of paper and start to blow it across the paper till you like what you see. Try to change directions turning the paper or change the pressure and the angle from which you are blowing to add new branches.

Are we done here? Of course not! As you can see the picture below there`s a lot more possible than painting/ blowing simple trees. You can combine different techniques, like colorizing the picture by using india ink and many more.

This example shows a combination of these techniques. It`s painted in tempera and india ink and in the end I used this "blow me away"- technique to add a little bit visual grip.

I hope you like it. May be you`re the next one blowing away your ink jerry cans. So, get started!

Donnerstag, 19. August 2010

It was at Dillons Bookstore in Manchester where my mum spotted a nice book. Waterdance by Howard Schatz. I immediately fell in love with this nice images of elegant human bodies. So, this is another example of my old drawings done in 1997 while I attended St. Helens College of art & design.

Sonntag, 1. August 2010

Impressed by a picture of the american photographer Edward Weston I drew this woman sitting on a swing under a big skeleton tree. The picture`s title is "idyll". 

I like to watch documentations and of course there`s plenty to draw. 

Well dressed business men...

...next to obedient soldiers and of course exhausted men.

Aren`t we sometimes like this little guy? Not really able to break out. Just imagine your shadow could show your temporary emotions.

This vietnamese guy had craggy features. I couldn`t resist to sketch him.

I absolutely don`t know what went through my mind when I did this india ink painting. I found it yesterday in my 1997 sketchbook. I´m just surprised like any other visitor of my blog.

Every time I see this drawing I try to estimate the age of this guy. He looks a bit like to be out of a fantasy movie.

just another dude

A mask or a human being, who knows if not the artist himself. 
india ink, tempera and ball-pen

It`s all about setting the right contrasts.

Portrait of Lucien Freud, a painter I like.

I usually use sketchbooks in A4 but when I go on a trip I take this small A6 sketchbook with me. It has a very bad quality and painting is hardly possible but I have allready almost ten of them and I keep on constantly filling them up. It happens to me when I thumb through this collection of pictures that I see a drawing and I can`t remember why I found it so important to draw it.

Samstag, 31. Juli 2010

Tempera on orange paper
Horses !

I`m fascinated by cave paintings of the stone age period. Sometimes when I see modern works which have (for me) something in common with this old masterpeaces of unknown artists I try to melt these two things together. This happened in this tempera based painting. For this picture I used a telephone card instead of a brush.